Samsung has always been at the forefront of the smart home game with all the smart appliance offers. We know the Family Hub refrigerator since it started to bring productivity and entertainment to the kitchen in 2016. The system was made even smarter when Samsung added Bixby to the Family Hub fridge and other appliances last year. The award-winning smart fridge now gets a new version and as early as now, we know that it’s also a winner after receiving the ‘2018 CES Best of Innovation’ award in Las Vegas.

The South Korean tech giant’s Family Hub is offering a new and reliable standard for connected living. The smart home industry is slow in advancing but we have a feeling it will go bigger this year. Thanks to the likes of Samsung for coming up with smart products that can make our everyday lives easier. The company will be showing off the new Family Hub refrigerator this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show so watch out for that one fridge that integrates Samsung’s SmartThings IoT ecosystem and Bixby.

Family Hub is a smart fridge that knows your needs. It can help you stay connected, organized, and entertained. Meal preparation and food storage are easier because the appliance knows what’s inside. It makes use of intelligent connectivity as offered by SmartThings and the Bixby voice control. It works with the SmartThings app controlled on your phone. You are free to check the Family Hub screen and access other connected gadgets like the security camera, doorbell, and thermostat among others.

Aside from food and grocery management, the Family Hub offers personalized recipes for everyone in the family. You can share notes, photos, and calendars with your family and access them on the hi-tech fridge that also lets you mirror your Samsung Smart TV1. Feel free to stream songs and enjoy audio coming from the AKG Premium Quality Sound Speaker. Expect the smart fridge to be integrated with more web services as Samsung has started to collaborate with Buzzfeed’s Tasty, The Weather Company, Pinterest, and HomeAdvisor

SOURCE: Samsung


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