Do you remember the days when all we expected from our refrigerators is that it stores our food and keep it from spoiling? Well, Samsung is about to raise the bar for this appliance with the Family Hub Refrigerator. And it’s not just your regular smart appliance that you can control from your smartphone. But rather, it’s like you put a computer onto your ref to help manage its contents, keep track of your family, and even entertain you and your guests.

The ref has a 21.5” LCD touchscreen which serves as not just your monitor but your digital command center as well and where your smartphone app connects as well. There are various apps and programs installed in your hub to make life for you and your family easier. You have a Stickiboard where you can share and organize multiple calendar for the various family members. You can also leave messages on the WhiteBoard, like warning them not to eat certain food under fear of punishment.

The grocery management and organization that the ref can bring you is also pretty neat. There are three cameras inside the ref and every time you close it, it takes a picture. So if you forget what stuff you still have inside when you do your grocery shopping, you can refer to the last picture taken. You can even do your actual grocery shopping through Instacart or Groceries by MasterCard and you don’t have to leave the house or the kitchen.

In terms of entertainment, you can share photos and choose which will be on display on the screen. And you also have a full browser that you can use to search for things or info you may need. You will also be able to stream music from apps like Pandora and use the ref’s built-in speakers. You can also mirror what you’re watching on your Samsung Smart TV when you need to move to the kitchen.

Oh and of course, the ref does all the usual food storage and preservation things that a high-end ref should be able to do. With all these wonderful things that your Family Hub Refrigerator, you can expect that it’s not going to be cheap. The Black Stainless Stell design with a Counter Depth size will cost you $5,999.99 while the Full Depth size is $5,799.99. Now if you have enough money to spare, this seems to be a really good buy.

SOURCE: Samsung