Xeetechcare, the same guy behind the Speed Tests for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge VS LG G5 and the LG G5 and its Snapdragon 820 VS Nexus 6P, has just published a video comparing the TouchWiz UX of the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7. There’s no Galaxy Note 7 yet but he was able to run the Grace TouchWiz beta on his Galaxy Note 5 after rooting, customer recovery, and flashing. The new UI is expected to be launched together with the upcoming Note 7 which means it will also be available on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

The video shows a clear comparison of the the old vs. the new TouchWiz. According to the YouTuber, the two basically look the same but with noticeable differences on the functions and navigation. Phone and camera icons are found on the same positions–left and right bottom part of both screens.

Basic TouchWiz UI is the same but looks less cartoonish on the Note. You will notice the shades of the icons have changed. Upon checking the Quick Settings area, the old swipe to the left and right to view all have been changed. You will need to swipe down to view full settings.

Samsung Grace UI NOTE 5 VS Galaxy S7 d

There’s the new Blue light filter. It’s there to help “reduce eye strain by limiting the amount of blue light emitted by the screen”. You will see a function where you can change the opacity just like in the iPhone which can also be scheduled. The brightness function is still there but the Quick connect is gone. There’s also the mic and voice search

The App Drawer definitely looks less cartoonish to. Compared to the old UI, you will sea a search bar right on the home screen instead of just a button. The blur effect in the background helps in making the icons standout more on the new GraceTouchWiz UI.

New on the Grace experience are the three dots instead of the edit button. The A-Z option is now found inside compared to outside before. Of course, you are still free to drag the app into the home screen.