It seems like only yesterday we reported that Samsung was going after iPhone 5 in their latest round of patent infringement suits. Perhaps that is because it was yesterday. Now, Samsung is claiming that foreman of the jury in the infringement case lied about his history to get a spot on the jury. If these allegations are true, it could completely change the complexion of the case.

Samsung is claiming that Velvin Hogan, the foreman in question, failed to report that he a had suit against him filed by former employer Seagate Technology. Samsung happens to own a good part of Seagate. After the suit, Hogan was forced to declare bankruptcy. Samsung clearly believes this could alter his ability to make a fair judgement on the case.

Samsung believes that because Hogan allegedly lied to earn his spot on the jury that the only logical recourse should be a new trial. According to Hogan, this suit from Seagate took place in 1993, and the judge only required he disclose litigation from the past ten years. He went on to say that Samsung had “every opportunity to question him.”

Whether or not this grants Samsung a new trial remains to be seen, but we are quite sure that this will not be the last thing Samsung tries to get the $1.05 billion verdict against them thrown out, or at the very least reduced. We will keep you posted on any new developments with this situation as they occur.

[via TUAW]