Samsung Gear S4 Concept

The Samsung Gear S4 is already in the works. That’s what we told you over a month ago when we heard its codename. A wearable device SM-R800 is believed to be the Gear S3 follow-up. It’s expected to be introduced later this 2018 as the South Korean tech giant has been working on the smartwatch the past few months. The Gear S4 actually follows the Gear Sport and not the Gear S3. The Gear Sport is basically a combination of the Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic.

The SM-R800 aka the Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch is also called as ‘Galileo’. Internally, that’s how Samsung employees call the wearable device that is designed with better fitness, health, and sleep tracking features. There are not many details provided but the Gear S4’s LTE variant is already being developed in the US. An LTE version usually means the major mobile carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) will sell the device.

There is no confirmation yet but the Samsung Gear S4 may be ready in two sizes. We can’t say the price range yet but we’re hoping it will be priced just between $200 to $250. As for the wearable OS, we’re assuming it will still run on Tizen but anything can still change.



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