When Samsung unveiled its Gear S a few days ago, we’re pretty sure some of you were already thinking how to accessorise it once you get your hands/wrist on this latest smartwatch. Fashion jewellery maker Swarovski read your mind as they announced another exclusive collaboration with the OEM in the latest in their “Swarovski for Samsung collection.” The studded strap will make your Samsung Gear S look not just like a wearable but a fashion accessory as well.

Officially called the Samsung Gear S Strap (what else?), it has clear cut crystals that are directly embedded into the metal mesh of the curved smartwatch. It uses a new Swarovski product called Crystal Fine Mesh which was also just launched a few days ago and is being used by several fashion industry brands already. According to Christoph Kargruber, Executive Vice President Global Marketing, Swarovski Professional, both brands are committed to having products that are “highly desirable” to consumers and they married the two aspects of design and style with their Swarovski for Samsung collection.

The unveiling of the Samsung Gear S a few days ago brought another innovative smartwatch to the market. But instead of being on the Android Wear platform, it runs on Tizen and also has 3G connectivity. This means that you don’t need to link the Gear S to a smartphone in order to make and take calls or send and receive messages. But if you still think you need a smartphone to do other tasks on your wearable, you can switch to a Bluetooth pairing with your device of choice.

The Samsung Gear S Strap will be available at the Samsung Online store by October. No word yet on how much it will cost, but since it’s Swarovski crystal-studded you know not to expect a cheap price tag. They will also be releasing back covers for the new flagship smartphone that will be announced before the IFA 2014 at the Samsung press event on September 4.

SOURCE: Samsung