Samsung‘s health-oriented wristband is now out in the market, so it’s only natural to see video ads playing out on TVs and the Internet. This latest one from the manufacturer shows how the Gear Fit can be the almost perfect companion for any kind of lifestyle, including the more rugged and active ones.

Of course, the Gear Fit, as the name would suggest, is pretty much geared towards fitness. However, unlike other similar smart fitness bands, it is stylish and functional enough to be a bit more general purpose than that, without turning into a full-blown smartwatch like its larger siblings. This makes the Gear Fit ideal for more active users who still want convenient notifications, smartphone control, and all that other stuff, without having to purchase yet another accessory.

That is, at least, the theory. But as they say, execution is everything, and the Gear Fit might leave some things to be desired. While the “smart” part of this wearable, its software and particularly the notifications, function quite well, the “fit” part, especially the heart rate monitor, isn’t as reliable. Though this issue is sometimes also found in other such health monitoring wearable devices, it becomes a particularly thorny one in such a premium-looking, not to mention pricey, device. While we wouldn’t mind a sporty, fancy-looking smart wristband, failing at its core functionality makes us undecided whether to give the Gear Fit a passing mark or a pass.

[UPDATE] Here’s another video that focuses on the Gear Fit’s design, which, as we’ve seen in this teardown, sports not only a curved AMOLED display but also a curved battery.

Of course, there will always be those who will still get the Gear Fit and we are hopeful that software updates will address many of the issues, at least those that can be fixed without a hardware refresh. Still, the price tag and limited compatibility will, at least for now, keep the Gear Fit as an interesting Samsung first but ultimately a hard thing to sell.