Samsung only announced the Gear 2 earlier in the month and we have yet to even see the watch come available for purchase. Having said that, it seems a bit early to start thinking about any Gear 2 rumors aside from maybe pricing or availability dates. Needless to say, details coming from a recent Korea Herald report are talking about a new model of the Gear 2.

Specifically, the report mentioned how Samsung is “said to be in discussions to release a new standalone variant” of the Gear 2. Basically, it seems Samsung is prepping a Gear 2 that has a SIM card slot for full calling — without the smartphone being required. Aside from not yet seeing anything official from Samsung, this variant seems like it may be somewhat limited in terms of availability.

The “in discussions” aspect of the earlier comment brought mention of SK Telecom. This same report also touched on how “one SK Telecom source” mentioned this new Gear 2 model would only be available in Korea “for a while.” On the flip side, that same source didn’t rule out the possibility of this SIM-equipped Gear 2 making it to other markets.

As one would expect, Samsung didn’t offer any comment. This is clearly early days for this rumor, however based on what we have seen Samsung do in the past — another variant of an existing product would not be all that surprising. There are some smartwatches that come SIM equipped, notably, the Omate TrueSmart. But even with that not being totally unheard of, it seems the smartwatch path is heading more to being a secondary display, as opposed to a standalone display.

VIA: GSM Arena