We all know plenty about the Samsung Galaxy line of phones but Samsung has just unveiled two more additions to the lineup. Earlier this morning we reported on the Galaxy R Tegra 2 phone and now we have the newest member of the line and that is the Galaxy X-treme edition phone — with the first being the Samsung Galaxy XCover pictured below.

The Galaxy Xcover is the world’s first Android device with IP67 certification — meaning you can completely trash this phone and it will handle mud, dirt, dust and even being submerged in water. It will be rocking an extra scratch resistant 3.6″ display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 3.2 MP camera for good measure. So far details are pretty muddy other than what has already been mentioned.

The last bit of information suggests for now it will be landing in Germany but no other locations were included, and we should be seeing it sometime this October. The Motorola Defy was able to hand a bit of a beating and was a very similar device meant to handle the tough jobs. Will the Samsung hold up the same way and be able to withstand water, mud and all those other elements? We will wait and see but from these initial pictured you’d have to think it will do just fine.

[via Samsung]