It might be time to fire up those rumor mills again because we are seeing some activity on the Samsung Galaxy Tab front. Last year rumors of a Galaxy Tab with “Retina” level resolution for the display was talked about, and never heard of again. Recently multiple reports have come out confirming the tablet again, and it might of even hit the FCC.

During the Apple vs Samsung trial a document leaked, found by The Verge show the tablet to be real, as our friends at SlashGear reported. Now we are hearing the same rumors starting to appear again, as well as an FCC filing with a very similar model name — possibly trying to hide the impressive tablet.

With Samsung’s announcement of their new Exynos 5 Dual processor for smartphones and tablets yesterday, that also states support for 2560×1600 and higher resolutions, this is all starting to make sense. Now a recent FCC filing appeared with Samsung GT-P8110 as the model number — which resembles the P10 branding from the leaked Samsung documents. This could all be coincidence, but we could be seeing a new 11.8″ tablet coming this year.

Samsung has a lot of announcements this month starting with the Galaxy Note 10.1 August 15th, followed by the Galaxy Note 2 at the end of the month at IFA in Berlin, Germany. Chances are we might get a surprise 11.8-inch tablet unveil to end, and steal the show. An 11.8-inch tablet with a powerful new dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and possibly 4G LTE connectivity sure sounds nice. Right? Stay tuned for more details.