Samsung has been hush-hush on pricing since the Galaxy Tab was announced this morning. Probably, because they are working with carriers to get it at subsidized pricing. This has not kept some stores online from putting it up for pre-order though. The pricing looks like it will be ranging from €699 ($890) to €799 ($1,020) in Europe.

In the UK, the retailer Expansys is taking pre-orders at £680 ($1,050). They are saying that the tablet will be available around the 11th of October, and we are thinking that pricing seems a little rich for our blood. It is a little more money than the iPad but, we are really thinking that Samsung is focusing on working with the carriers to get it at a cheaper rate. Anyways, we are still glad to see that it is being sold as a stand alone device and not just as a subsidized device. No mention on the US info yet but in due time we will know. If you would like to see the specifications they are listing about the tablet, hit up the gallery below.

[via Android And Me]



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