Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

We’ve finally seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and as expected, it’s gorgeous. Well, most Galaxy Tab models already look nice but this one is better with with the added stylus and keyboard. There’s not much new tablet to be introduced at the MWC this year. We only know of this and that Lenovo Tab 4. We have no idea about pricing and availability of the Galaxy Tab S3 but it will already come with the S Pen. You need to buy the Keyboard Cover as an add-on if you want to use the tablet more productively for work.

Samsung has published several videos on its YouTube channel videos featuring the new Galaxy Tab S3. You will see how the S Pen is utilized on different apps including Recolor that allows coloring digital pages and Smart Composer for making music.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with S Pen

Game Launcher

This new game launcher lets a gamer optimize battery, turn off notications with ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, and live broadcast a game.


The keyboard locks into place easily and quickly. It doesn’t need recharging at all.


See the familiar sleek and slim design?

Quad Speakers

The Quad-Speakers were by AKG so you know audio quality will be excellent.