It wasn’t just different colored HTC‘s at The Carphone Warehouse’s event today; the retailer was also announcing Samsung Galaxy Tab availability, with the Froyo slate expected to drop in November 2010.  Nobody could tell us any pricing information, but we did get a chance to try out the Galaxy Tab in our jeans pockets to see if it really was as portable as Samsung promised.

To our surprise, it fit neatly inside – though on the snug side, with a little sliver still showing at the top.  If you’re a fan of skinny jeans then you probably won’t have much luck, but generally the Tab seems portable in either jeans or jacket.  That’s more than you can say for the iPad!

We also checked out the Android Community app on the Galaxy Tab, and – even blown up to fit the 1024 x 600 display – it looks good.  Interestingly, another app we tried wasn’t zoomed to fit, so it seems there’s something developer-related which is controlling whether the Samsung slate can resize them.

Thanks to Richard for “modelling” the Tab!

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