We had just received word two days ago that Samsung had prevailed over Apple from the Australian court ruling’s temporary ban. So much for that. It turns out court orders have banned the tablet another week from sale, more specifically until December 9th. The case remains open because the High Court of Australia was forced to extend the ban until it heard Apple’s special leave application.

It seems as if Apple is just prolonging the ban even though their leave application will be turned down; and if I were in their shoes I suppose I would do the same. Apple has probably thrown a ridiculous about of money towards this case and it would be foolish not to get the most out of it. The extension is most likely to delay Samsung’s tablet sales – and this late into the holiday season that means a lot.

I’m just ready to know the final outcome, and of course here at Android Community we’re rooting for Samsung! So many tablets have similar dimensions to the Apple iPad these days, and if they plan on going after all of them then they’ll just look silly. It’s obvious they picked Samsung to pick on because of their tablet’s success.

[via The Sydney Morning Herald]


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