While almost every carrier available has some sort of Galaxy S II variant US Cellular doesn’t have that amazingly sleek and sexy phone in their lineup just yet. According to some leaked screenshots it appears that their inventory system is showing both the Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 — leading many to believe they will get those devices soon.

The regional carrier hasn’t announced anything for either of these devices but thanks to a few anonymous tips it looks like both the above mentioned Android powerhouse devices are headed to US Cellular. Showing up in their ESN (Electronic Serial Number) and Mobile Identifier system recently.

US Cellular does offer a few decent smartphones like the Motorola ELECTRIFY we recently reviewed, but the Galaxy S II would be an awesome addition that I’m sure a few would love to purchase. Their tablet offering is also somewhat lacking so seeing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 possibly headed that direction is a plus too. With these devices already on the market for some time I do worry this could be a bit late. More options are always better and I’m sure US Cellular’s customers would agree.

If they make any official announcement we’ll be sure and update with pricing and release date information.

[via androidcentral]


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