I mentioned that new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 commercial just a bit ago. We haven’t heard anything about the slightly smaller Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet in a while now that was announced along with the 10.1 a few months back. Apparently, there is a reason why we haven’t heard anything else about the 8.9 tablet and that reason is issues with the smaller LCD that the tablet uses. Shortages of screens have long plagued the industry and kept popular devices off the market in numbers to meet the demands of the consumers.

Engadget reports that Korean website Etnews has learned Samsung is having issues with low yields of the 8.9-inch G1F touchscreen that the tablet uses. The screen in that tablet uses one layer less film than a normal LCD screen making the 8.9-inch screen brighter and thinner. Apparently, the supply of the screens is so bad that Samsung is looking at using an alternate screen in the tablet in some areas. To fill in the gaps Samsung will use thicker GFF touchscreen.

These panels are reportedly 30-40% thicker than the screen Samsung wants to use and they are dimmer as well. The reduced brightness is due to the extra layer the screen requires. The tablet will still launch later this summer apparently. The big question that is unanswered is what area will get the thinner and brighter screen and which will get the thicker and dimmer version.

[via Engadget]


  1. Hopefully, Samsung products will continue to improve and make consumers happier.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  Great share as always and I shared this on the faebook fan page of the project (www.facebook.com/advancedtechKOR) and the twitter (@advancedtechkr:twitter ).  Thanks for the blog visits and hopefully we’ll see you back agian! (www.advancedtechnologykorea.com).  Have a good one!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this promised tab for awhile. If however, they end up releasing it with a thicker and dimmer screen, I’m going with the ipad.  I’ll also go with the ipad if Samsung doesn’t get this release by August. Enough waiting already!


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