No Woot-off going on today but the ever so popular does have a little android treat for sale today. For those that don’t know Woot they have one sale a day, and that is it (excluding woot-offs). So if you want to get in on the action you better act fast. If you’re looking for a great way to get into an android tablet at a low price this would probably be your best bet. They have the 16GB Wifi AND 3G Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint for $259.

The Galaxy Tab 7″ is still a great tablet and has one of the best screens around with that Super AMOLED. It has a huge development community over at XDA, and should be getting Gingerbread sometime very soon this story. You all probably know the new line of Samsung Tablets are headed to store shelves any day now.

Will you wait for the new and super thin Galaxy Tab line, or save your pennies and get the Tab 7″ on sale here? Apparently all the new Samsung Tabs will be shipping with Android 3.1 so that is great news. It may be enough to keep you waiting and pass on the 7″ but that is for you to decide. Check out how thin the Tab 8.9 is in this hands-on video. Either device is a great choice and if you plan to buy from Woot you better do so in a hurry before it sells out.