Ah, the Great White North. Where they appreciate simple living, courtesy, syrup made from trees and whiskey made from syrup, gravy on french fries, and quality seven-inch Android tablets. (I only know three people from Canada, so I may be wrong on some of those points.) In any case, Canadians can enjoy the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus starting on Friday of next week, in all its Honeycomb and TouchWiz glory. The asking price will be $349.99 CAD for the 16GB WiFi version, the same retail price that it’s going for in the US.

Check out our review of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus if you need a refresher course. Long story short: while we were expecting just a shrunken-down version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1/8.9, the 7.0 Plus dazzled with an upgraded 1.2Ghz Exynos dual-core processor. The little tablet beat all dual-core models in the benchmark test, while keeping an impressive battery life. The 1024×600 LCD screen is a bit of a let-down (especially if you’ve played with the Galaxy Tab 7.7′s 720p Super AMOLED) but works well enough for Honeycomb. The MicroSD slot and IR port are just icing on the cake. Samsung has committed to an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, but hasn’t said exactly when that’ll happen.

There are a couple of considerations to be made: one, while the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is running a full tablet OS – it’s almost twice as expensive as the “target” price for 7-inchers as set by the Kindle Fire. Two, Samsung has already announced a successor to the 7.0 Plus (which itself is a direct successor to the original Galaxy Tab) in the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0-inch version, which is almost the same hardware running Ice Cream Sandwich at launch. Considering the delay between American and Canadian releases of the 7.0 Plus, it could be some time before the upgraded model makes its way North – it isn’t available anywhere just yet.

[via Unwired View]