Details have slowly been leaking for the Galaxy Tab 3 and while we have seen several possible model numbers mentioned, we have yet to see any sort of official announcement from Samsung. Some had believed the announcement was going to happen during Mobile World Congress, but as we now know, that was not the case. Anyway, while it would be nice to talk of word from Samsung, it looks like we have additional details coming from a recently discovered Bluetooth SIG filing.

The filing is pointing towards the GT-P8220 which has been previously noted as having a 10-inch (2560 x 1600) display and dual-core 1.7GHz Exynos SoC processor. Basically, the GT-P8220 is thought to be the higher-end device in the Galaxy Tab 3 lineup. Anyway, on that note this recent Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) filing has been discovered and comes with word of Bluetooth certification. This filing offers the basics such as how the GT-P8220 will have Bluetooth 4.0 and will allow “users to connect wirelessly to optional, compatible hands-free accessories such as Bluetooth technology enabled headsets and car kits.” The usual statement.

The other bit that has arrived is talk of cellular connectivity. Specifically, 4G LTE connectivity. This was not mentioned in the filing, however given the belief the GT-P8220 is a higher-end model, LTE connectivity, or at least the option for, sounds likely. Also coming from this filing is the geographic availability — it is still noted as being Europe. Of course, we also saw a similar mention of Europe with the Bluetooth SIG filing for the Samsung GT-P8200.

All said and done, we are looking forward to an official announcement from Samsung so we can put these rumors and leaks to rest. The company does have a big event coming up on March 14, however that is believed to be only for the Galaxy S4. Maybe we can hope for something soon after though. Or at the very least, a quiet roll-out of the Galaxy Tab 3 tablet lineup. And in the meantime, we will continue piecing these details together.

[via phoneArena]