Samsung is currently rolling out a quick and small OTA update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but only for the Wi-Fi version. This bug fix appears to be for tabs that are running the new Touch Wiz UX as the update brought on a couple issues for some users. Last we heard Samsung was halting the Touch Wiz update to fix some problems and bugs.

Just as we said, the update is quick and small being only 3.22 MB so users should be able to download and install the update in a matter of minutes and be back to Twittering, watching YouTube and reading Android Community in no time. The update is said to fix a few graphical bugs and glitches users were experiencing with the new Touch Wiz UX.

For more details on the Touch Wiz UX update you can read our review of the interface. While it brings some nice features and such our own Chris Burns did notice a few glitches and experienced some lag after the update so hopefully this update fixes those problems. If you’re rooted I’d make sure to have a nandroid backup of some sort in case the update brings on any trouble for you. If you’ve received the update did it fix any issues you were having? Feel free to report below in the comment section.

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[via Android Police]