The big news for Samsung tablets today came in the form of pre-orders going up for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 2. The big news there is the lowered price, meeting Apple head-to-head at $399 for a 10-inch tablet. But what if you could get the original (and very, very similar) Galaxy Tab 10.1 for even less? If you’re OK with a refurbished unit and ordering from Wal-Mart, you can pick up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $299 – a full two hundred dollars off the retail price.

Sure, the replacement will be here by next week, and that’s probably why this tablet is so heavily discounted. But the Galaxy Tab 2 series adds very few new features to their earlier counterparts: aside from a slightly redesigned case, MicroSD card slot and Ice Cream Sandwich, the only major difference is the TI OMAP processors in place of NVIDIA’s Tegra  2 dual-core.

The gray Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the 16GB version, which includes a 10-inch, 1280×800 screen, 1Ghz dual-core processor, and Honeycomb. Samsung has promised to upgrade the 10.1 to Ice Cream Sandwich, but hasn’t been particularly forthcoming with a date – though the more adventurous among you can try out the many Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs available, including CyanogenMod 9 and AOKP. Hey, it’s already refurbished – what do you need with a warranty anyway? Quantities are probably limited, so hurry if you want it.

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