It’s been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S II has been designed with Gorilla Glass, that super bendable, and hard to scratch, thin layer of glass which makes a screen extremely durable to every day abuse. The Galaxy S also had Gorilla Glass, so it isn’t really all that big of news. But since the Galaxy S II is super thin, there was some question as to if Gorilla Glass was part of the design or not. Now we know.

Gorilla Glass is very hard to scratch or break. It’s ultra thin, easy to clean design allows for what Corning calls “a deep layer of high compressive stress,” and acts as a kind of clear armor for your phone. It’s durability is accomplished through a chemical strengthening process called “ion-exchange.” It resists local cracking and chipping which will weaken normal glass when in either direct or indirect contact.

With it’s ultra thin design, and highly durable Super AMOLED plus screen, the Samsung Galaxy S II also adds lightening fast performance. Under the hood, it enjoys a dual-core 1.2 Ghz. processor and 1Gb RAM. Running on HSPA+, the Galaxy S II has performance benchmarks that are off the charts. (Check out our test by Chris Davies from SlashGear. Thin, strong and fast, a deadly trifecta that should make Galaxy S II fans drool!

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