Exactly one week ago, we said that Samsung Galaxy S8 may have facial recognition for more speed and accuracy. This aside from the iris recognition that was first introduced on the discontinued Galaxy Note 7. We know this will be an added layer of security but now we’ve got word the new recognition tech will be used for mobile payments.

Facial biometrics is nothing new. It’s been used in several industries already but not much on smartphones. OEM’s have been equipping phones with fingerprint scanners the past couple of years first on premium flagship phone and slowly now on mid-range and affordable phones.

The iris scanner was only featured on the Note 7 and we’ll get to use it again on the Galaxy S8. This means the new premium smartphone from the South Korean tech giant will feature all three: facial, iris, and fingerprint. They all can be used to verify users and access services like Samsung Pay or even just simply unlocking the phone.

Samsung needs all the help and good publicity now after the past months of bad luck. There’s the declining sales, the Note 7 fiasco, and the recent corruption scandal involving one of its execs. Facial recognition to unlock the Galaxy S8 will be the first ever to be used for verification for mobile payment apps.

Facial detection rate has improved over the years so we’re confident that it is reliable especially for financial transactions. Together with the iris scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be more secure than ever.

VIA: BloombergTechnology