So we’ve all seen it, the new Samsung flagship is out, and the early reactions to the Samsung Galaxy S8 seem encouraging for the Korean gadget giant. We’ve all ooh’d and aah’d at the gorgeous curves and the large screen – but there’s more to the Galaxy S8 than just good looks, Samsung made sure of that. How about outputting your music simultaneously to two wirelessly connected Bluetooth audio devices? Yep, the Galaxy S8 can do that as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 seemingly has a gazillion new features, and it probably doesn’t lack in new elements that would make life comfortable for its users. We’d expect that too, judging from the fact that you have to pay USD$730 for it – the phone better make your life easier.

How about that time when you wanted to have someone listen to a song with you? You both have Bluetooth headphones, but we all know that your device can only accommodate one Bluetooth audio output device. Not so with the Galaxy S8 and the embedded Bluetooth version 5.0 technology. Now with dual Bluetooth audio, you can pair up to two Bluetooth audio devices, so you and your friend can listen to your songs simultaneously on your own headsets.

Samsung does put out a caveat – it says that “the two connected devices may exhibit a slight difference in sound output.” This may mean a slight difference in quality, or a slightly lower volume. But it does resolve your earlier problem, right?

SOURCE: Samsung