You know how it is in the tech and mobile industry. You can’t really keep a secret. Leaks and rumors abound especially weeks leading to the official announcement or launch. As for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, we’re expecting more will be revealed. As early as September last year, we began talking about it. We first mentioned the phone might be dual boot based on a patent application.

Almost half a year later, Samsung is ready to launch its new premium flagship offering. March 29 is the official launch date while pre-order will begin on April 20. Market release will begin April 21, Friday.

The closest image we’ve seen so far was the one we shared with you last week. We believe it’s the real thing but perhaps the one featured on the video below is the closest because the Galaxy S8 branding is very clear.

It’s such a quick video showing off the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 but we’re not doubting its authenticity. We’re just concerned about the boldness of ‘505nick aka DkDn’ for sharing this supposedly confidential product. Of course, that is something we really don’t expect in the mobile arena espcially in the name of exclusivity. The phone clearly has a ‘No photo allowed’ sign and obviously, this person didn’t follow the rules.

Anyway, there’s not much to gather from this new video but the phone looks very similar to the one leaked the other day.