Samsung may be working on the upcoming Galaxy S9 and the next-gen Note 9 already but the South Korean tech giant still has the S8 line to update and improve. One of its more important variants is the S8 Active because it is durable and ready for rugged use. We don’t doubt its capabilities but the phone is said to disappoint with its scratch-prone screen. It shouldn’t be an issue but the Galaxy S8 Active is believed to use a plastic polyurethane screen protector. It can be easily scratched but it protects the real screen underneath.

The Gorilla Glass 5 is scratch-proof but to make it more durable and shatter-resistant, Samsung added a polyurethane screen protector. So the S8 Active’s screen isn’t the ultimate display we imagine it to be but a protector keeps it from being damaged. The screen may scratch but it can be replaced easily someday when it is totally destroyed by whatever extreme force.

This display issue reminds us of the Moto Z2 Force that has a shatterproof screen but is not scratchproof. As for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, its rugged build, tough design, and the scratchproof screen will do the South Korean tech giant some good.

VIA: Reddit