The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with an IP67 certification. That means the handset is protected against dust and water. Specifically, the 6 means a complete protection against dust and the 7 means the handset can handle being in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. We certainly aren’t suggesting you put that to the test, however Samsung is showing this off in the latest Galaxy S5 promo video.

With mention about how you can “stop sweating the small stuff, and live carefree,” Samsung demonstrates this by showing how the Galaxy S5 can stand up to the accidental abuse that often comes from being around small children. You know, stuff being spilled on and around your device. If nothing else, this should provide for some comfort the next time you are caught out in the rain.

Remember though, you will need to make sure that flap over the USB port is properly closed because that is one place that isn’t able to handle any water or dust. We have yet to dunk our Galaxy S5 review unit, but we have been spending quite a bit of time with the handset.

Nate took a look at Private Mode yesterday. We also have plenty more Galaxy S5 coverage planned this week and beyond. Of course, along with these videos, Samsung has also been highlighting specific features. We recently saw them highlight a selection of accessibility features as well as some ‘hidden’ features.