Plenty of people have been talking about the Samsung Galaxy S5, us included. And while many are still digging their way through trying to find all the hidden gems — Samsung has recently shared 10 hidden features. Having looked through the list we aren’t sure we can consider all of these to be hidden, but regardless, there are a few gems on the list.

One that appealed to our OCD tendencies was the Kids Mode. This means we’ll be able to hand a Galaxy S5 over to the younger kids in the family without fear of having the phone come back with things in a different order, or worse yet, deleted. Kids Mode offers access to the camera and also lets them paint, record voice memos and play with video apps. You can also add additional items, including games.

Kids Mode begins as a widget, but clicking that widget will require a few minutes time. You’ll have to download and then set things up to get going. Once downloaded and installed you create a PIN code, enter some profile information and then begin selecting the apps you want to give permission.

The one we didn’t consider all that hidden is the camera lockscreen access. If you look in the lower right hand corner of the lockscreen you will see the camera icon. To unlock directly to the camera you can tap/hold then drag up on the icon.

Keeping with the camera related features and there was also mention of some of the available modes. Samsung specifically mentioned the Virtual Tour and Shot & More options.

  • The ‘Virtual Tour’ is a feature that allows you to take pictures as if you are giving a tour of the surrounding area to viewers.
  • The ‘Shot and More’ mode allows you to edit pictures and apply various effects immediately after taking your shots.

Another highlight was the Priority Senders option in the messaging app. We realize not everyone will use this app, but those who do will want to look for the “tap to add priority senders” link. This, just as the name would suggest, allows you to add favorite contacts which should make things a bit quicker when composing new messages.

Otherwise, remaining items on the list break down as follows;

  • You can use a pencil as a stylus.
  • Turning landscape when listening to music using the music player will give suggestions for upcoming tracks.
  • Favorite apps can be bookmarked using the “Toolbox.
  • Files can be kept private with Private Mode.
  • You can check caller information while on an active call.
  • Call Notification pop-ups will alert you of a call when you are in another app.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Galaxy S5 tag here on Android Community as we will be offering a bit more coverage for several of these features (and more) in the coming days.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow



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