Excited for the Galaxy S5 form Samsung? You should be, it’s a stellar handset. In our hands-on, we found it to be a really strong device, and the fingerprint scanner is really neat, too. If you’re anxious to get your hands on it, you’ll still have to wait for April — but you can make sure you get yours via pre-registration.

Radio Shack tells us they are currently accepting pre-registrations for the device, via their website or in-store. It’s a simple “put your name down” scheme right now, but does reserve you a device when they’re available. If, after hearing all the great things the S5 has packed into it you want one, Radio Shack is one way to go.

The new look of the device is strikingly different from previous Galaxy S devices, instead borrowing from the Note series with a faux leather back. A bit more stylish and sleek than previous models, the Galaxy S5 is meant to usher in a new era of functionality for the flagship. With so much jammed in, there is almost nothing you’ll go wanting for.

Radio Shack hasn’t made clear if a down payment is required, but we’ll be sure to update this article if they get back to us. For now, it sounds as though it’s a simple reservation system, but for those who know they want a Galaxy S5, at least it assures you that you’ll get one quicker than many. We’re in Barcelona at MWC, so please be sure to keep checking back for all your new handheld and wearable info!

Update: Radio Shack got back to us, and the online registration is now open. there is also no down payment required!