Samsung’s newest addition to their Galaxy S flagship line, which we can safely assume will be called the S5, is rumored to launch in January. While we don’t have much to go on, rumors regarding the device have been leaking since the S4 came out this summer. Now, we’re hearing the camera may get a slight update.

Korean website ETNews is reporting that the S5 will see a 16MP shooter on the back, which is a slight bump from the 13MP camera on board now. We previously heard rumors that the 13MP would stick, and would be updated with an OIS, so we’re not quite sure what to make of this yet.

Interestingly, Samsung may be looking to go outside their camp for the hardware as well. The report also suggests that Samsung may ask Sony to provide the camera for them, rather than use the cameras they develop in-house.

Of course, like so many rumors floating around, ETNews is using the familiar “sources close to the matter” for this information. As we’ve seen from other devices in recent history — like the HTC One or Moto X — hardware doesn’t always tell the whole story. In the age of great mobile photography, what Samsung does on the software side is just as important as the hardware.

VIA: Android Authority


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