Samsung Galaxy S10 trade-in program

The Samsung Galaxy S10 phones sell but they are not as impressive as the predecessors. At least, that was the first day sales in South Korea. There is not much information on current sales in its native home, the US, and other countries and regions but we know it’s selling. We’re crossing our fingers sales will go up further. But then again, Samsung needs to address some issues first on trade-ins. Apparently, many potential buyers that are wanting to exchange their current smartphones for the new S10 are having a hard time.

We remember that Galaxy S8 discount and trade-in offer which was actually problematic. Promises have been broken and many consumers are complaining that they’ve been duped.

Samsung’s offer is this: a $550 worth of savings for trade-ins. The phone must be on factory reset, not blacklisted, didn’t have any cracks, and can be powered on. The eligibility is mainly for the following smartphones:

• SamsungGalaxy Note8 and Note9,
• SamsungGalaxy S9/S9+,
• Apple iPhone X/XS/XR
• LG V40
• Pixel 3/3 XL

Exacts amounts have been listed ($300, $150, $100, $75, and $50). Upon checkout, these amounts are applied as a discount. The rule is the customers must send in their old smartphones within one week lest they want a charge.

Everything seems to be okay until some customers were denied. They were told a wrong device sent even if it’s not. One customer sent a Galaxy Note 9 and yet received a message that his request was denied because he sent “an item that’s not Samsung Galaxy Note 9”. Several Redditors have complained about the same thing. They were also told they sent a Galaxy S7 phone when in fact, they didn’t. Some stories sounded outrageous but these people have proof they sent the correct phones and complied with the requirements.

These stories of “Trade-in Requirement not met” are too many to ignore. The company has not released a satisfying answer. Customers were only told to contact Samsung Support. We’ll let you know once a major update is ready.

VIA: Android Police