Samsung SLP

More Galaxy S10 related information are coming your way. After showing off the upcoming Sensor Integrated Technology at a recent tech forum, Samsung is making its plans of using the SPL circuit board on the next-gen premium flagship phone. A new PCB SLP will be applied on the device, same as with the Galaxy S9 phones. This advanced SLP circuit board combines a high-density multilayer substrate (HDI) together with a semiconductor substrate manufacturing method. This move is mainly for the Exynos variant of the Galaxy phone.

SLP on the Galaxy S10 may mean the chips will be stacked together. The idea is to make smaller footprints and offer more space for more components.

The SLP can stack 20 layers of copper instead of the usual ten. Think big battery but it’s only one possibility. Other interesting modules and extra components can still be used.

This information tells us the Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos variant will be different from the Qualcomm variant. We’re interested to know what will different the two since there will be three models of the S10. TENAA has already listed the three as SM-G970F, SM-G975F, and SM-G973F.

Samsung Galaxy S10 SLP circuit board

The SLP boards aren’t new to the industry. Samsung wasn’t even the first to utilize such on the Galaxy S9 because Apple has already used them on iPhones released last year and this 2018.



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