Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Snapdragon 855

AnTuTu is always early to benchmark upcoming smartphones especially those that are premium flagships from the top brands. For next year, we’re anticipating for the Samsung Galaxy S10. Rumor has it there will be four variants. The series will also be followed by the Galaxy Fold foldable phone. We’re expecting more innovation and developments from the South Korean tech giant but for now, we’ll focus on the Galaxy S10. Two mobile processors will be used by Samsung: Snapdragon and Exynos.

Of course, we already know this. A recent benchmark listing shows the Snapdragon model will be more powerful than the Exynos variant.

If we are to believe the numbers provided, the Snapdragon Galaxy S10 Plus will deliver the best mobile performance compared to the Exynos variant. We’re talking about the Snapdragon 855 chipset here so we understand the improvement.

The Snapdragon 855 is ready soon on premium flagships. We’ve been saying the OnePlus 7 will have it first but we’re not discounting the idea Samsung will use the same chipset on the S10.

Units tested are not final yet so there is a possibility the market-ready Samsung Galaxy s10 will perform better next year. We have high hopes about Qualcomm’s latest premium processor but AnTuTu’s latest report gives us an idea about how fast and powerful the Galaxy S10 can be.



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