Samsung has teamed up with two of the biggest names in the music streaming industry to provide access to their gallery from the Galaxy S10 phone. Both deals offer some of the best in streaming services today. YouTube Music and Spotify are being offered a few months of premium access for free. Starting with YouTube, you can enjoy four months of ad-free use on your new Galaxy S10 phone, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Tab S5e. YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube and YouTube Music without any ad interruption.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 allows HDR10+ viewing as with the Dynamic AMOLED screen. It improves video quality so even the YouTube Originals look better. It allows videos to still play even when the screen is off.

YouTube Premium allows downloading of videos so you can enjoy them even when traveling. You can take advantage of the Wi-Fi 6 support of the Galaxy S10 so download videos is faster so you can save more for future viewing.

YouTube Music is another Spotify rival where you can listen to different songs, albums, music videos, and live performances. Other devices that can avail of the free two months include other Galaxy phones and tablets activated since February 20, 2019 until next year, February 29.

Aside from YouTube Music, Samsung also teamed up with Spotify to bring Spotify Premium. This one sounds better (pun intended) because free access is up to six months.

Spotify and Samsung are in a strategic partnership where Galaxy S10 and other Galaxy device owners can avail of the free access. This move also includes Spotify in being pre-installed on new Samsung smartphones.

Samsung has integrated Bixby and Spotify so phone owners can enjoy content according to her preferences or likes. So is this another reason why you’d get the Galaxy S10? Maybe.

SOURCE: Official YouTube Blog, Spotify