With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S10 also comes the new Bixby. There is little information about the South Korean tech giant’s very own virtual assistant but we’ve been hearing some improvements like the Bixby Routines, Google apps support, new languages, and the Voice Media Control API among others. We know there’s the Samsung Bixby SDK to let developers make more apps and skills. Interestingly, there are others who don’t like the feature at all. Good thing that the Bixby button can be removed permanently although it’s something we don’t really recommend.

Instead of removal, you can remap the button instead. Feel free to remap the Bixby key to launch any other app you may want to open quickly.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone has settings for button customization. This means you can open any third-party app with double taps or a single press of the Bixby button.

We’ll totally understand if you don’t want the Bixby function. Just make the most of the button and use it for other features you want to use.

You may use it to launch Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, or Google. It’s really up to you. The physical button has remained so might as well use it according to your needs and preference.

Remapping is possible but availability may be limited for now. The previous Galaxy S9 and Note 9 with Android 9 Pie and One UI don’t have this yet so we’ll see if any progress will happen.

VIA: TheVerge


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