We have seen quite a bit of leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S IV, however we have yet to see all that much in terms of accessories. We have seen a few bits and pieces up until this point, however UK retailer MobileFun has recently posted some leaked cases that suggest the Galaxy S IV will have a squared-off look.

We cannot officially say if these will end up being the real deal but at this point we do take note that they have come from what is being described as a “trusted” Chinese accessory manufacturer. That said, previous history dealing with case leaks has been sketchy. In the past we have seen some good and some not so good. For example, when we were waiting for the Galaxy S III we saw Samsung do some interesting things such as create ‘fake’ prototypes to help find the source of any potential leaks.


Basically what we have here is a possible Galaxy S IV case. Well, more specifically — two possible Galaxy S IV cases. These both are coming by way of the same manufacturer and are both sporting a similar look. We cannot tell much in terms of size, however we can see what appears to be a camera, flash and speaker opening on the backside. Nothing shocking in that respect as that is the same form as what we have on the Galaxy S III. Otherwise, the cases show a headphone jack on the top with what appears to be a microUSB and microphone opening on the bottom. Looking closely you can also see the side openings, which presumably would be for the power and volume. But again, those are just following patterns we have on the Galaxy S III.

Bottom line here, this case leak suggests the Galaxy S IV will move from the ‘pebble’ design of the Galaxy S III into something a bit more squared-off. Something a bit more similar to what we saw with the Galaxy S II. In the meantime, we are still looking towards March 14 for an announcement date. But even as of now, that date is nothing more than rumor.

[via SlashGear]


  1. Hope the phone actually looks good and premium for the first time. Enough of ugly and cheap looking phones. I also hope it’s much lighter and thinner.

    • Sorry to burst ur bubble Magnus but how is it going to not look cheap, yet also be lighter? To look premium and not “cheap” they need to use ceramic or aluminum like the HTC One or iPhone 5 and that will only make it heavier.

      Just saying.

      • well, Apple has made a mistake with iphone 5 design: it’s bigger than iphone4s and has aluminum back plate and side band (plastic back parts are for antennas) and WEIGHS JUST 112g, LESS than 4S. It’s a CHEAP weight. It feels MADE IN CHINA.

        We want WOW Motorola XPHONE: large, metal, bezel-less and 3,000mAh battery.
        made in USA hi-end Motorola = WOW.

        We also want WOW SAMSUNG Galaxy SIV and Galaxy Note III.
        WOW, not just better than thier current offerings.

        We need stunning design.
        And stunning Android 5.
        And May 2013.


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