We’ve been hearing a few different reports and rumors surrounding Samsung‘s upcoming and highly anticipated flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S IV. The March 14th date has been tossed around a few times, then again reported this afternoon by the highly respected Eldar Murtazin on Twitter. Now according to The Verge that date is ‘definitely’ the day they’ll unveil the new device, and possibly even the Galaxy Note 8.0 too.

Murtazin has been right in the past with Samsung announcements, although wasn’t accurate on his Galaxy S III predictions. Now we’re hearing the March 14th announcement and event for the Galaxy S IV is confirmed according to him, SamMobile, as well as sources extremely close to Samsung — at least according to The Verge. Their source went as far as to say March 14 will ‘definitely’ be the day.

The Verge has now confirmed with sources familiar with Samsung’s plans that March 14th is “definitely” the day that the Korean giant plans on revealing one or more new devices, one of which is presumed to be the Galaxy S IV.

If you look closely they calmly mention “one or more” new devices being announced. Then according to their reports and source, the Galaxy S IV will closely resemble the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. Interestingly enough they go as far as to say the Galaxy Note 8.0 looks nothing like the leaks. Leading us to believe those devices that have leaked are either fake, or like the Galaxy S III were in a casing to disguise the real design. This also confirms the Note 8.0 is indeed coming, and coming soon.

We’re expecting the Galaxy Note 8.0 to be a big part of their event during Mobile World Congress next week, then follow that up with the Galaxy S IV on March 14th as reported. The details also confirm Samsung will be hosting a big event in NYC for the next Galaxy smartphone, instead of overseas. Just as we expected, it’s all about secrecy and hiding the final designs here with Samsung. We’ll know all the details soon enough, but for now they are still a tightly guarded secret.

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