Earlier this afternoon we reported on some rumors floating around that Samsung will announce and unveil their new Galaxy S IV flagship smartphone on March 15th. Reports suggest an initial Samsung Unpacked event will take place, with retail availability coming sometime in April. Today new reports seem to align perfectly with those rumors.

According to SammyHub and the trusted and popular Korean site DDaily, Samsung has initiated full launch and production of their new 4.99-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD AMOLED display. The one that will be front and center of their brand new Galaxy S IV smartphone. We’re being told this 1080p 4.99-inch AMOLED display will be impressive and boast more than 440 pixels per inch. So basically look amazing.

The comments from DDaily are reportedly from a trusted source, who detailed that Samsung’s production lines for the new 5-inch screen have been put into full force this month. They’ll be producing millions and millions of Galaxy S IV phones and this will require all of February and March to get anywhere close to having enough for a product launch. For those unaware, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is the highest selling Android smartphone to date with well over 50 million back in January.

If these reports are correct it sounds like production is under way, will be moving swiftly by the time Samsung announces their new Galaxy S IV in March, and should have plenty for a mid to late April launch. If this is accurate Samsung will beat their last year release by a few months, have it arrive before Google’s next Nexus or the X-Phone, and more. It looks like the X-Phone, Galaxy S IV, and HTC M7 all have important months coming up soon. As soon as we get clear details on the Galaxy S IV we’ll report back. For now hit the timeline below for all the news you can handle!

[via DDaily]


  1. Only one problem with Samsung Android devices, Touchwiz which is horrendous and life cycle/os upgrades. You get only one OS update on each device 2 if you’re lucky, save your money go with a Nexus device. The Nexus S is still getting OS upgrades my Galaxy Note which is less than a year old is not.

  2. This is great news, but I’m actually waiting to hear about the Galaxy Note III. That hopefully will be the best device this year. Hope they improve greatly on every aspect of the Note II

  3. YOUM Full HD 1080p!!!

    Probably SAMSUNG will NOT change launch month/cycle, and it’s May 2013.
    Not March and not April.

    But 4.99″ is a small display. Plus it will be a marketing mistake, since it will be a 4″ display for an average consumer: 4″ + 0.99″. It MUST cross the 5″ mark. Really. And the problem is NOT the display size, the real problem is HOW TIGHT/perfect/durable/WOW THE DESIGN is.

    The bigger display, the bigger FUN!

    SAMSUNG could fit 5.5″ into bezel-less edge-to-edge metal Galaxy SIII size.


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