Based on the frequency of Galaxy S IV related rumors one thing seems clear, we are going to be seeing an announcement sooner rather than later. Of course, the key here seems to be exactly when that announcement will take place. Earlier rumors have suggested that Samsung was going to be holding a Mobile Unpacked event on March 22, however as of today it looks like we now have another potential date.

While Samsung has yet to confirm any of these dates, the nice part about this new date is that it is a bit earlier than March 22. In fact, the latest rumor is suggesting that Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S IV on March 15. Taking that a step further and in addition to a rumored March 15 announcement date — Samsung is expected to have the handset available for sale in early-April.

These latest rumors are coming by way of SamMobile and a person they are describing as a “trusted insider.” Other details remain a mystery though. For example, the location of the event remains unknown at the moment. The other point we should mention in terms of the availability — that will likely vary by market and by carrier. We have seen a rough timeline for release and it looks like it will be spread from April through June.

The breakdown here shows the handset as coming to eastern Europe first with the remainder of Europe as well as Asia seeing a release before the end of April. Other markets including North America, Australia and Africa are said to be getting the Galaxy S IV in May or June. Bottom line here, while these details all seen believable enough — they remain rumor until we get the official word from Samsung.

[via SlashGear]