Earlier in the month we mentioned how some Galaxy S III users were reporting a sudden death syndrome. At that time the reports suggested that Samsung was taking good care of those who were having the issue. But moving back to the present day and it looks like a firmware update may be in the works, though, we have yet to see any sort of timeline for a roll-out.

That being said, the details are coming by way of the Dutch site, Tweakers, who have said the update is coming “soon.” Perhaps key here, Samsung stated that this issue should only affect a “very limited number of Galaxy S III models with 16GB.” Simply put, it looks like those with a 32GB Galaxy S III can rest easy. And by the sounds of it, most 16GB Galaxy S III users can probably put this out of their mind also.

The devices appeared to be failing somewhere between 150 and 200 days after activation and most reports mentioned that the handsets were dying overnight or after a reboot. The reports also showed a mix of devices running both stock and custom firmware. Regardless though, it is nice to see Samsung reacting quickly to get this taken care of.

Otherwise, those with a 16GB Galaxy S III may want to keep an eye out for an update notification in the not-to-distant future. And finally, while we are happy to see Samsung come forward with details about an update, we also hope to see a bit more of an explanation as to what was happening. Of course, the fix is probably more important at this point in time.

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  1. Not sure if this is what happened to mine… but my 32GB just stopped working after trying to flash C MOD… Think it was a hard brick.. but not sure after reading this.

  2. I think mine is one of the 16gb phones that has hit….my phone doesn’t even turn on….only when on charge I can get the battery picture but that’s it…it’s frozen…if I hold the three buttons down the Samsung logo comes on…and that’s as far as we go….haven’t used my phone for the last nearly two weeks….trying to find a way to get in and get my photos and videos out…..can’t even back anything up…really need my photos etc…can anyone help me on this….PLEASE……

  3. While I must confess that I am intrigued by Nokia’s camera, that is not the primary reason why I am interested in Android phones. My primary interest is in having a portable computer; Android phones (and tablets, for that matter) are the most susceptible to being rooted, and then having Linux installed on them.

    Of course, I’m weird that way–and I would be surprised if there were enough people like me to create a profitable demographic! (For what it’s worth, I *do* have an interest in the camera: I would like one with a high enough resolution that would allow me to make high-quality scans of my math books, so I could have my math library with me all the time. For this purpose, however, a 5mp camera should work just fine.)


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