While the hype has certainly been focused on the GALAXY S 4, we have to remember that Samsung still has other devices. Notable for some, the Galaxy S III. Not to mention, numerous other Galaxy branded devices. Shifting away from talk of the GALAXY S 4 for a moment and it looks like Samsung has revealed some details in terms of Galaxy S III sales numbers.

In speaking with The Wall Street Journal, JK Shin has said that Galaxy S III sales have now topped 50 million globally. Certainly not a bad number, however it looks like Samsung has some higher goals in mind this year. Shin commented about how they expect shipments to be higher than 400 million units this year.

Aside from the Galaxy S III, we also heard comments about how their main focus in the US market is “selling the Galaxy line of high-end smartphones.” Of course that is not to say that are going to ignore the low-end market either. Shin said they were “quite active” in the low-end market noting that depending on the carrier, they have options as low as $19 on a two-year contract.

Touching back on those earlier reports about Samsung’s dominance with Android not being good for Google. Well, Shin has said that they plan to continue the good relationship, going on to say that he doesn’t “think it’s correct to say that there’s friction.” Bottom line here, the GALAXY S 4 is certainly the new flagship for Samsung, however they still have plenty going on — including the possibility of bringing some new features to the Galaxy S III.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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  1. Mind blown. But i think this year htc will get some good marketshare. Anyway, nexus 4 blows both the s4 and one out of the water. 😉


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