Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S III smartphone is a smashing success. The company has already stated over 10 million have been sold, and that is only the beginning. Today we are getting reports that Samsung is already in the final testing stages of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for both the Galaxy S III, and the older Galaxy S II.

The past 4-6 weeks most of Samsung’s Galaxy S II models have just barely received Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so the possibility of the newest OS already being near completion is extremely good news. SamMobile is reporting the update is almost ready, and that the SGSII and Galaxy Note will both see the update after the new flagship Galaxy S III gets it first.

Samsung has yet to publicly announce any update plans, but we all knew they’d be updating their newest devices to Jelly Bean — just no one thought it could be this soon. Sources extremely close to Samsung are claiming that final testing is under way, and they hope to have the update rolling out as early as late August. The wait might be less than we all thought. Who’s excited to get that Jelly Belly goodness on their Galaxy S III?


  1. If Android devices/telcos would sort out that silly going nosebleed like update system, without doubt, it would be my all time favorite phone till today. And soon N7 tablet…

  2. Did you say Galaxy S2 will get Jelly Bean. I’ll believe when I see it. It took 10 months to get my Sprint Galaxy S2 Epic Touch upgraded.

  3. Absolutely excited at this news. This phone has great hardware and all my friends and co-workers are impressed with the features I am able to present to them. Having just scratched the surface of how versatile the phone is with all it’s capabilities I look forward to the prospect of learning what 4.1 can do for the device. Thanks for the update about the potential update.


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