Today we’re hearing Samsung is pushing a bug fix update out to their Galaxy S III in the UK. Back in December a potentially huge issue was discovered in many of Samsung’s smartphones and popular devices like the Galaxy S III, Note II, and many others. The issue was found inside the Exynos 4 processor kernel basically giving developers, hackers, and potentially malware jerks full access to the device with ease.

That isn’t all either. Earlier this week we reported on a “sudden death” bug where some Galaxy S III smartphones main-boards were completely failing and ruining the entire device. OK, so these issues are minor on a mass level and don’t effect many people, but things are a bit of a hot mess here. It looks like both are being fixed soon.

According to multiple reports from XDA as well as the folks from Android Police Samsung has issued a quick software update (still 4.1.2 Jelly Bean) for the UK Galaxy S III that brings multiple changes. While we don’t have a changelog it has been confirmed that the Exynos kernel exploit has been patched and should no longer pose a problem. Then reports are also claiming there’s a fix for the mainboard issue but that can’t be confirmed.

Along with these two bigger issues, Samsung’s also fixing a few minor issues and security patches as a routine update. The build date is listed as December 22nd, so it’s a fairly new build for the GS III, and is available now OTA or from Samsung Kies as usual. Those international UK users feel free to check for updates and let us know if you notice any changes.

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[via Sam Mobile]