Delays for the highly anticipated Galaxy S III appear to be spreading now that multiple reports have confirmed the “Pebble Blue” model has suffered a few setbacks. Retailers throughout the UK such as Clove have alerted buyers of setback with the blue model, but now we are also hearing the white Galaxy S III might be a few days late too.

Last week we reported Samsung had to trash approximately 600,000 blue casings due to a manufacturing defect and while the white model didn’t suffer the same fate, Clove has now confirmed the arrival of the first stock will be late. According to Clove, the “Marble White” Galaxy S III is now expected to arrive in stock on June 1, rather than May 30 as originally expected. They also reported the blue model is “expected to arrive the week commencing 5th June, but this is still to be confirmed.”

Samsung themselves haven’t officially confirmed any of these reports but with multiple online retailers from differing countries all posting similar comments it’s basically confirmed. It sounds like stock of the white model might run out quick with the blue variant being delayed and MIA for the first few weeks. Get em while you can folks!

Update: Here’s a statement from Vodafone UK confirming partial delays for both white and blue.

“All customers who have pre-ordered the white 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII should expect to receive their new phone on the UK launch date, 30 May. However, we’ve been advised of shipping delays for the 32GB marble white and the 16 and 32GB pebble blue versions.

We’re working closely with Samsung to ensure devices reach our customers as soon as possible and will be contacting them directly to advise them on their order’s progress. The Galaxy SIII has already become the most pre-ordered device to join our line-up and we’re as keen as our customers are to get it into their hands as soon as possible.”

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