One more Galaxy S III post today folks. It looks like we were able to snatch a few minutes with the official accessories from Samsung for the Galaxy S III superphone and figured you’d like to take a look. Along with all the accessories detailed earlier today we also have a short clip of the AllShare Cast feature after the break.

Earlier today we detailed all the new accessories as Samsung showed them live, and now we have some hands-on pictures. First is the Wireless Charging Kit that was rumored a while back. Obviously you’ll need the special battery door backplate and the dock to wirelessly charge the phone, but that will be a great option for those looking to cut down on cords. Original reports suggested this would be a standard feature on all SGSIII’s but according to Samsung will be optional and an extra purchase.

Then we have the less exciting flip cover case, and the stand up “vertical charging dock” where users can sit the phone upright for viewing or charging — and again — no wires here either. Then we have AllCast Share and the HDMI adapter. Samsung will provide an adapter that works via the microUSB MHL port for streaming media and sharing homescreens, pictures, and video all to the big screen.

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Samsung also lightly detailed a new upcoming MP3 player to compete with the iPod Nano called the S Pebble that will be shaped like a small pebble, run Android, and play MP3’s and such in a small portable package but we’ll have to wait for more details on that front although we were able to snap a few photos. It looks like a pebble huh? Apparently you can upload music to it, and share them directly from the Galaxy S III too. Whether the Pebble will be a standalone device or need a phone companion remains to be seen.

Overall Samsung had a strong showing today, and their accessories look quite decent too. Hopefully they all make it to market because we’re still waiting for some of those neat Galaxy Nexus accessories to this day. If you missed anything you can get every bit of Samsung GSIII news and more from today at our official Galaxy S III Portal.

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