Just in time for the holidays and white Christmas season Samsung appears to be suiting up a few of their Galaxy S II smartphones in white. Last week T-Mobile announced their Galaxy S II was coming soon in white, and quickly followed the announcement with a hands-on video. We haven’t seen a formal announcement but according to Samsung the AT&T 4G LTE Galaxy S II Skyrocket will get the same treatment.

If that 4G LTE dual-core superphone looks awesome to you, especially in white then be sure to read over our SGSII Skyrocket review. The pictures, details, and video should help make the decision easy. This is an amazing phone and Samsung has already confirmed Android 4.0 ICS will be coming to all the Galaxy S II smartphones, but we expected that.

Most should already know plenty about this 4G LTE 4.5″ packing dual-core smartphone but the full specs are detailed below from our wonderful Android Community device.ac database. We haven’t heard anything official from Samsung or AT&T regarding the white version but this should be plenty official appearing right on the Samsung product page. We’ll most likely be hearing from AT&T sometime shortly with full details on when we can expect the white Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket for AT&T.

Stay tuned for details and availability.

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