I know everyone here in the US has been waiting on what feels like ages for the Galaxy S II to finally arrive, but it appears we all have to wait a few short hours longer. Don’t worry the event is only a day later but today Samsung has confirmed with us that the Galaxy S II US Launch Event that was talking place this Monday, August 29th is being rescheduled because of Hurricane Irene.

While this isn’t a big deal the word has came out a bit late so anyone planning to be there Monday night will have to stay a day longer. The Official Press Event will now be Tuesday, August 30th at the same time and same place at 6:00 PM EST. It appears a mandatory evacuation of well over 250,000 people and more are all being told to head to higher ground while everyone prepared for the hurricane.

Don’t worry though, the Galaxy S II is still coming and we will have all the juicy details and plenty of pictures when we are there LIVE on Tuesday. Be sure to check back right here at Android Community for plenty of photos and all the juicy details. If you are in the path of Hurricane Irene get the official FEMA app if you have time. Stay safe everyone.