It appears that owners of the lovely and perfectly classic GT-I9100 Galaxy S will be receiving an update to firmware version i9100XWKE7 very soon if not immediately. This update will be coming to your phone OTA aka over the air meaning you’ve really got nothing to do but wait for it whilst drinking a big can of soda pop. This update can also be accessed via Samsung’s desktop-situation Kies application. And what does this update do, you might be asking? A whole HECK of a lot – check out out our benchmarks for details.

This update upgrades your phone to the newest Baseband version and users must have already updated to version KE2 to get to this KE7 update. This firmware update will bring you the following upgrades:

• Samsung Apps has been updated
• Picture in the Background Effect Menu has been changed
• Battery Life seems to have been improved
• More free RAM on start-up
• Camera has been updated-The pink spot problem has been fixed, better image quality and improved zoom panel

Sounds pretty nice, yes? No more pink spots for you. Head back to our massive Samsung Galaxy S II portal for all your update joys. Furthermore check out our recent war between the Galaxy S II and HTC’s newest effort in the Sensation here: THE WAR IS ON!