We have been seeing tons of Galaxy S II news this morning and all week, but still we have not heard a peep regarding if T-Mobile will actually get the Galaxy S II or something else like the Samsung Hercules. Yesterday we posted that Samsung had a email sign-up page live, but taking a closer look they include T-Mobile in the carrier dropdown menu. Does this mean T-Mobile will get a SGSII?

The sign up page will alert you via email for the latest news regarding the exciting SGSII and if you select the dropdown box for carrier preference you have T-Mobile listed when we’ve originally heard the other three main carriers for the U.S. would get it but not T-Mobile. Whether this means they will actually get the superphone or not we don’t know and is up to you to decide.

Since we have covered so much Galaxy S II news this week I’ll just direct you to our Galaxy S II portal for all the news you’d like to read. Check this out though, you might soon be able to buy the SGSII in white.

While this doesn’t prove for sure T-Mobile will see the phone, it does make us think a few different thoughts. One being that the Hercules isn’t just the alternative but a completely different device slated for a different release date, and that Samsung may in fact be aiming to launch more than one big phone on each carrier this late summer, or early fall.

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[via TmoNews]