A cute commercial advertising the realistic display of the Samsung Galaxy S II has appeared on youtube. The video shows a cute little girl trying to reach for a fish swimming in the Galaxy S II’s live video background so she can put it back into the fishbowl. After a few tries, she gives up and does what most kids would do, she puts the Galaxy S II into the fishbowl! The tag line reads … “Too Realistic?”

Course, Samsung is VERY quick to put in a title card that this shouldn’t be done in real life as the water will certainly drown your Galaxy S II, but it’s a very cute commercial nonetheless. At the heart of the display is the Galaxy S II’s Super AMOLED Plus screen, which Samsung pitches as “truly vivid.” The suggestion is that who cares about 3D when you have a display so realistic that it looks real? Frankly, I’d rather have that any day.

But there’s more under the hood than Samsung’s realistic Super AMOLED Screen. There’s the 1.2 GHz XMM6260 Dual-core processor which we reported last week screams in benchmark testing. Other specs include an 8MP camera rear facing camera for HD video and stills. It’s a pretty impressive rig. The only downside is that it looks to be delayed for a US launch til the Fall. But good things come to those who wait.